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Many thanks to everyone who participated in the on-line and paper AGM. It all worked really well and thankfully the business in hand was completed without putting anyone in danger!!


The refurbishment of the club house is going really well. A big "thank you" to Dave Smith for installing the favbulous new lighting and generally sorting out the electrics and being able to issue a new Electical Works Certificate. The ceiling and walls have all been given a "repair job" and have been emulsioned in bright, clean new colours. All of the old varnished windows frames have been rubbed down, and given several coats of white primer, undercoat and gloss paint. The last big job to do is the replacement of the old carpet which will be done as soon as the covid restrictions allow us to do it safely. We (myself, Ian, Chris S and Chris P) hope that you will like the new look when you all return next year.


During the refurbishment of the club house the old wooden Honours Boards have been taken down. The Committee have decided not to put them back in their old positions inside the club house. Instead a weatherproof cabinet will be built on the far end of the club house and the boards will be displayed for all to see and so that we can keep the history of the club on display. The money for the project will come from the legecy left to the club by Marjorie May. The cabinet will also have a plaque thanking Marjorie for the money she generously left to the club. 13 new modern Honours Boards have replaced the old boards which can be updated each year.


Well, somehow we managed to finish all of our internal club competitions which culminated in an excellent (socially distanced) finals day on September 12th. Well done to all those that took part and a really big "thanks" to Chris for ensuring that all the competitions were completed. See all the winners and runners up on the Gallery page.


Now that the season has officially finished the green has been closed and the vital work of preparing the green for the winter has been completed. A huge "thank you" to Dave R, Jack, Chris S, Ian, Chris P, Clive, and of course our Head Greenkeeper - Mick - for helping to get all the work completed. A big thanks also to those "volunteers" who wanted to help but unfortunately couldn't make it on the day.


The Club Officers and Committee for the 2021 season is: President: Doreen Swain; Chairman: Malcolm Sealby; Vice Chairman: Chris Simmons; Secretary: Malcolm Sealby (Acting); Treasurer: Stan Woolford; Captain: Ian Grant; Vice Captain: Phil Wells; Match Secretary: Jean Stammers; Competition Secretary: Chris Peedell; Head Groundsman: Mick Bert; General Committee Members: John Brown; Gill Hawward; Dave Holdstock.


If you have any suggestions for improving the site please let me know.


As always the club is still looking for a major sponsor(s). If you know of any individual or company that may be interested please let someone on the Committee know.

Malcolm Sealby (Chairman)